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This high performance radial tire delivers uncompromising traction and a super-smooth ride in both mixed and hard pack terrain. Its directional tread characteristics makes the Afterburn ideal for handling straight line racing and high-speed cornering while providing a smooth, comfortable ride. Combined with its 6-ply rated construction, the Afterburn strikes the perfect balance between lightweight performance and durability. 

  • Enhanced high-speed cornering capabilities 
  • Provides smooth and comfortable ride 
  • Durable and lightweight 
  • Great traction in both mixed and hard packed terrains 
  • Aggressive Tread
  • 6-Ply Rated
  • Radial

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingLoad RangeT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax LoadMSRP
AE122508AB25x8.00-R126PRLRC17.025.4 on 7.08.450717.47340$100.52
AE122510AB25x10.00-R126PRLRC17.025.4 on 7.09.46-822.87420$129.44
AE122608AB26x8.00-R126PRLRC17.026.0 on 7.08.35-718.67460$104.96

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