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Afterburn Street Force

The Afterburn Street Force is an ATV tire made for use on pavements and other hard packed terrains. It meets and exceeds DOT and ECE (European e-mark) standards. Combining reliability with off-road performance its aggressive and deeply siped tread provides great traction in both wet and dry conditions.  The Afterburn Street Force's lightweight 4-ply rated radial construction makes it an excellent choice for everyday use. 

  • Meets and exceeds DOT standards 
  • Deeply siped tread for both dry and wet conditions 
  • Enhanced handling on pavement or hard pack  
  • Lightweight and practical for everyday use 
  • Popular choice for fleets and other industrial uses 
  • Meets DOT standards
  • Great traction
  • Radial
Afterburn Street Force
Afterburn Street Force
Afterburn Street Force
Afterburn Street Force

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax LoadMSRP
AE122508SF25x8.00R124PR10.024.9 on 7.08.15-719.915500$128.62
AE122510SF25x10.00R124PR10.024.6 on 8.0106-821.812500$149.66
AE142609SF26X9.00R144PR10.026.1 on 8.08.66-721.818725$143.22
AE142611SF26X11.00R144PR10.526 on 8.010.77-925.818850$155.24
AE142709SF27X9.00R144PR10.027.1 on 8.0018.66-722.918750$152.36
AE142711SF27X11.00R144PR10.527 on 8.0010.77-927.118850$172.40