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Dirt Devil

The GBC Dirt Devil is Greenball’s top selling ATV/UTV tire of all time. Backed by over 20 years of proven performance, the Dirt Devil is well suited for all types of terrain. It can handle dirt, gravel, hard pack and light mud with ease. It has a deep V-type tread that digs in terrains, but yet the ride is still smooth and comfortable. Carried in 22 sizes, it fits a wide range of ATVs and other utility vehicles used in industrial, farm, hunting, parks and recreation, and other service industries.

  •  Aggressive V-type tread for extreme forward traction and acceleration
  •  Durable 6-Ply Rated bias construction
  •  Top seller for more than 20 years
  •  Widely spaced tread for enhanced clean-out
  •  Excellent performance in dirt , gravel, hard pack, and light mud
  • Aggressive tread
  • 22 Sizes
  • 6-Ply Rated
Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax LoadMSRP
AR089822X11.00-86PR20.022.3 on 8.510.97-921.57395$108.16
AR093722x11.00-96PR20.022.3 on 8.510.97-921.57395$103.52
AR093825x12.00-96PR20.025.2 on 9.511.68-1023.97496$122.52
AR102822x8.00-106PR20.021.9 on 5.585-714.27275$77.00
AR101822x11.00-106PR20.022.2 on 9.010.77-919.97385$103.52
AR102923x8.00-106PR20.023.4 on 5.58.35-715.47300$84.00
AR101923x10.00-106PR20.023.4 on 10.010.26-819.87375$94.38
AR106024x11.00-106PR20.024.0 on 8.011.17-922.37440$118.00
AR106825x12.00-106PR20.024.8 on 9.011.78-1024.97495$124.54
AR116023x8.00-116PR20.023.4 on 7.07.65-714.57290$75.34
AR110424x8.00-116PR20.024.0 on 7.08.15-717.47320$89.50
AR110324x9.00-116PR20.023.8 on 7.08.66-719.17365$96.90
AR116124x10.00-116PR20.024.2 on 7.010.16-821.47395$107.50
AR116525x10.00-116PR20.025.2 on 7.0106-823.17430 $112.52
AR122825x8.00-126PR20.025.2 on 7.08.35-719.37340$92.92
AR123025x10.00-126PR20.024.4 on 7.09.96-820.27420$106.54
AR120126x10.00-126PR39.025.9 on 7.096-824.47460$133.44
AR120226x12.00-126PR39.025.9 on 8.011.48-1030.87520$156.56
AR121227x12.00-126PR39.026.9 on 8.011.48-1032.07550$170.64