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The Spartacus is a hefty 8-ply rated tire that conquers mud, soft terrains, and other general trail riding conditions.  Its deep lugs provide fierce digging action, while the added tread blocks give you greater ground contact.  The widely spaced tread design promotes self-cleaning for better traction and handling. Despite its aggressive tread pattern, these tires provide a comfortable ride due to their tough radial construction.

  • Performs great in mud and other tough terrains
  • Deep lugs for maximum traction and efficient clean-out
  • 8-ply rated radial construction
  • Provides a comfortable ride even on hard terrains
  • Radial
  • 8-Ply Rated
  • Deep Lugs

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSIMax LoadMSRP
AE122508SP25X8.00R128PR27.025.0 on 7.08.35--722.17/12340/480$0.00
AE122510SP25X10.00R128PR27.025.0 on 7.09.46-825.37/12420/580$0.00
AE122610SP26X10.00R128PR27.025.0 on 7.09.66-827.47/12440/595$0.00
AE122612SP26X12.00R128PR27.026.0 on 7.010.88-1031.47/12520/735$0.00
AE142609SP26X9.00R148PR29.026.0 on 6.08.16-725.67/14700/1000$0.00
AE142611SP26X11.00R148PR29.026.2 on 8.010.77-930.87/14730/1045$0.00
AE142709SP27X9.00R148PR29.027.0 on 7.096-727.47/14750/1075$0.00
AE142711SP27X11.00R148PR29.027.0 on 7.010.47-933.37/14780/1120$0.00
AE142810SP28X10.00R148PR29.028.0 on 7.09.66-831.3201200$0.00
AE143010SP30X10.00R148PR29.030.0 on 7.09.66-835.0201360$0.00
AE143210SP32X10.00R148PR29.032.0 on 7.09.86-840.0201520$0.00