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Golf Cart Aluminum Wheels

Available in multiple stylish finishes, these aluminum wheels give any golf cart a sleek and upgraded look.   With up to 800 lb. load capacity you can feel confident of their construction and quality.    

Greenball also offers golf cart wheel assemblies, pairing any of these with our Greensaver line of golf cart tires. 

  • Made from quality aluminum
  • Up to 800 lbs load capacity
  • Available in multiple finished
  • Wheel and tire combos available
Golf Cart Aluminum Wheels
Black Inlay

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizeT/D 32nd In.WeightMax LoadCenter BoreOffsetStyleFinishBolt PatternPackageMSRP
AT1074MB10x70.07.54002.6915.5Golf CartMich Black4-42$0.00
AT107404B10x70.07.04002.63-164 SPK SPLTBlack Inlay 4-42$0.00
AT107404M10x70.07.04002.63-164 SPK SPLTMachined4-42$0.00
AT107408B10x70.08.84002.690.08 SPKBlack 4-42$0.00
AT107410B10x70.06.04002.63-1610 SPKBlack Inlay 4-42$0.00
AT107410M10x70.06.04002.63-1610 SPKMachined4-42$0.00
AT127408B12x70.011.07002.690.08 SPKBlack 4-42$0.00
AT146408B14x60.012.38002.690.08 SPKBlack 4-42$0.00
AT146408GM14x60.012.38002.690.08 SPKGun Metal 4-42$0.00
AT146408VC14x60.012.38002.690.08 SPKChrome4-42$0.00
AT146408G14x60.012.38002.690.08 SPKGold 4-42$0.00

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