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Spoke 581 Aluminum Trailer Wheels

581 spoke wheels were made for an extreme look and that bold look you have been looking for. the 581 are in their own leauge and shouldnt be over looked.

  • Aluminum wheels for use on trailer applications
  • Bold design
  • 2 finishes to choose from 

Spoke 581 Aluminum Trailer Wheels
Gun Grey
Gun Grey

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizeT/D 32nd In.WeightMax LoadCenter BoreOffsetStyleFinishBolt PatternMSRP
581-55545S15x50.018.021503.190.0SpokeSilver Inlay 5-4.5$0.00
581-55545G15x50.018.021503.190.0SpokeGun Grey Inlay 5-4.5$0.00
581-56655S15x60.018.028304.250.0SpokeSilver Inlay6-5.5$0.00
581-56655G15x60.018.028304.250.0SpokeGun Grey Inlay6-5.5$0.00
581-66655S16x60.021.032004.250.0SpokeSilver Inlay6-5.5$0.00
581-66655G16x60.021.032004.250.0SpokeGun Grey Inlay6-5.5$0.00
581-66865S16x60.022.039605.150.0SpokeSilver Inlay8-6.5$0.00
581-66865G16x60.022.039605.150.0SpokeGun Grey Inlay8-6.5$0.00