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Tow-Master STR

Greenball’s Tow-Master is one of America’s most trusted trailer tire.  Designed for performance and reliability, the Tow-Master fits a wide range of boat trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and more.  Constructed with dual steel belts and an improved belt-edge package for reinforcement and durability, the Tow-Master provides stability for less trailer sway and a smooth towing experience for all your travel destinations.  Speed rated M for safe towing at highway speeds. 

  • Low-rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency 
  • Dual steel belts and reinforced belt-edge package for strength and durability 
  • Speed rated for up to 81 mph 
  • Fits a large variety of boat, horse, ski, fifth wheels, cargo, travel trailers and more
  • Extended Warranty
  • Premium
  • Radial
Tow-Master STR
Tow-Master STR
Tow-Master STR
Tow-Master STR

Sizes & Specs

Part #UPCSizeLoad RangeT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSILoad IndexSpeedMax LoadMSRP
TR14205D737245423546ST205/75R14LRD10.027.185 1/2J21.865105/101M2040/1820$73.37
TR15205D737245796343ST205/75R15LRD10.027.185 1/2J23.565107/102M2150/1870$79.59
TR16235E737245135562ST235/80R16LRE10.030.89.36 1/2J32.680124/120M3520/3080$113.42
TR1623585F737245518969ST235/85R16LRF10.031.79.36 1/2J37.695128/124M3960/3250$0.00