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Overland RTX

Get ready to take on any adventure with the Overland RTX tire! Kanati has created their most advanced rubber compound yet, ensuring long-lasting, even wear that keeps you going for miles. With multi-directional sipes, these tires provide excellent traction in any condition, whether you're driving on wet or dry roads. The multi-angled tread block design not only improves traction but also reduces road noise, giving you a smoother and quieter ride. Plus, the balanced void ratio provides self-cleaning power, protecting your tires from damage and keeping them looking like new. And with reinforced sidewall construction, you can feel confident knowing that your tires are built to withstand any obstacle on your journey. Don't settle for less - upgrade to the Overland RTX tire for the ultimate driving experience!

  • Excellent Traction - in wet and dry conditions is provided by multi-directional sipes, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain
  • Long-Lasting Even Wear - with our most advanced rubber compound yet
  • Damage Protection - with a specially designed tread that promotes self-cleaning power to clear out rocks and other debris
  • Superior Puncture Resistance - with reinforced sidewall construction
  • Quiet and Comfortable  - a balanced void ratio for the optimal amount of rubber on the road for less noise and smooth ride
Overland RTX
Overland RTX
Overland RTX
Overland RTX
Overland RTX

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSILoad IndexSpeedMax LoadMSRP
LOR1624575E*LT245/75R1610PR/LRE16.030.89.9 on 76-80.080120/116Q3042/2778$0.00
LOR1726565E*LT315/70R1710PR/LRE16.030.610.7 on 88-9.50.080120/117Q3085/2835$0.00
LOR1726565C*LT265/65R176PR/LRC16.030.610.7 on 85.5-70.050109/105Q2270/2040$0.00
LOR1728570E*LT285/70R1710PR/LRE16.032.811.5 on 8.57.5-9.50.080123/120Q3465/3120$0.00
LOR1728570C*LT285/70R176PR/LRE16.032.811.5 on 8.57.5-9.50.050116/113Q2755/2535$0.00
LOR1735125C*35x12.50R17LT6PR/LRE18.934.712.8 on 108-10.50.035111Q2405$0.00
LOR1735125E*35x12.50R17LT10PR/LRE18.934.712.8 on 108-10.50.080121Q3195$0.00
LOR1737125E*37x12.50R17LT10PR/LRE18.936.713.1 on 108-10.50.080124Q3525$0.00
LOR1737125C*37x12.50R17LT6PR/LRC18.936.713.1 on 108-10.50.035116Q2755$0.00
LOR1826560E*LT265/60R1810PR/LRE16.030.810.4 on 88-9.50.080119/116Q3000/2755$0.00
LOR2027555E*LT275/55R2010PR/LRE16.031.911.1 on 8.58-9.50.080120/117Q3085/2835$0.00

*coming soon