Greenball Tires Remain Economical Choice for Retailers

Monday, March 16th, 2015


Greenball Tires Remain Economical Choice for Retailers

On November 2014, the United States Commerce Department moved to impose new tariffs on tires imported from China. These anti-dumping tariffs and new countervailing duties took effect on January 27 and already tire dealers are hearing from their suppliers that many tire brands can no longer be sold at such competitive prices.


What Does This Mean For Tire Dealers And Retailers?

Tire prices are high and are still on the rise, made worse by the new tariff. The result is higher costs to dealers and perpetual inventory issues, both of which translate to unsatisfied customers and lost sales opportunities.

What’s The Solution?

Greenball Tires Remain Economical Choice for Retailers

At a time when our competitors’ prices are on the rise, we’ve made our Kanati light truck tire prices more competitive than they’ve ever been! Now is the time to create a strong, long-lasting partnership with Greenball, and together we can offer your customers a better tire-buying experience.

Greenball Is Your One-Stop-Shop.

No matter what kind of tires your customers are looking for, Greenball is your one-stop-shop to quality tires at economical prices. The majority of Greenball’s brands are sourced from countries other than China, so pricing will not be affected by the tariff when ordering our products. In addition to our Kanati light truck tires, our premium lines of Tow-Master and Transmaster specialty trailer tires, our Greensaver golf cart tires, and GBC Motorsports ATV & UTV tires are among the Greenball brands that will continue to be competitively priced.

If you’re interested in carrying Kanati LT tires, or any of Greenball’s respected brands, send an email to or call 1-800-946-9412.