Introducing the New GBC Parallax

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Anaheim, CA- GBC is proud to announce the release of the New GBC Parallax Performance SXS/UTV tire.

The GBC Parallax performance tire was created for drivers who genuinely crave the freedom of the outdoors. Equipped with features capable of navigating the harsh conditions of off-road terrains, the Parallax keeps up with even the most extreme adventurer.

 Introducing the New GBC Parallax

What stands out about the Parallax at first glance, is the overall look and feel of the tire. The Parallax is designed to provide excellent traction in all kinds of terrains by sporting an aggressive all-terrain light truck-style tread. The tread blocks have sharp, defined edges that hook up with the terrain.

 Introducing the New GBC Parallax

Broad shoulder blocks ensure maximum traction, continuous contact with the ground, and overall stability for the tire and vehicle. An extended sidewall lug design increases your cornering traction and helps protect the sidewall from punctures and other damage.

Introducing the New GBC Parallax

The Parallax boasts 10-Ply rated construction, giving it an edge over 8-ply and 6-ply rated tires by providing the benefit of a high load-carrying capacity and increased puncture resistance.

Looking at the Parallax head-on, you'll notice how the tire has a lot of siping throughout the tread. The purpose of this feature is to give the tread lugs more room to stretch and flex, which ultimately allows the tire to grip better and conform to the terrain at hand.

Another premium feature of the Parallax is the stone ejectors between each shoulder lug of the tire. The purpose of these Stone Ejectors is to keep the tire free from debris or other materials that can damage the core of the tire. As the tire picks up momentum, these stone ejectors help dislodge potential threats to the tire's tread, giving you added protection where you need it most.

Introducing the New GBC Parallax

For drivers who demand a tire that can deliver on performance and style, the GBC Parallax is available in sizes that support a wide range of UTVs and off-road lifestyles. It is the ideal choice for such vehicles as the Yamaha RMAX, Polaris RZR, and many other top SXS manufacturers.

Upgrade today to the GBC Parallax and change your view of where the off-road can take you.

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