Kanati Trail Hog First Look

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Kanati Trail Hog First Look

Choosing the right off road tire can be quite a daunting task these days, especially if your truck or Jeep sees both road and dirt miles. So what’s the right tire for your vehicle? Well, that would depend on what you want to do with it. While your buddies might tell you to get the most aggressive looking tire on the market, it might not be the right choice for you.

Most people usually fall within the All-Terrain and Mud Terrain tire segment but what if you’re after an All-Terrain tire that can take a beating and keep clawing its way through the dirt when the going gets tough? Luckily, Kanati Tires has just introduced its new A/T tire that might make a heck of a lot of sense for the average weekend warrior that still needs to drive their truck back to the office or jobsite come Monday.

Kanati Trail Hog First Look


The Kanati Trail Hog combines an aggressive tread and heavy duty construction for maximum performance and reliability in both in both pavement and dirt. The Trail Hog is snowflake rated and is also pinnable for winter studs in case you regularly commute through icy roads in the winter.

You’ll notice that one of the coolest thing about this tire is that it’s not trying to piggy back on the looks of any other tire out on the market while still featuring an aggressive All-Terrain tread pattern that is sure to get your truck or Jeep through almost any terrain in your path. The Kanati Trail Hog features a 3-ply sidewall construction as well as maximum load ratings for durability and strength. The Kanati Trail Hog also features heavy siping which improves both traction and clearout in wet, icy, snowy or muddy conditions.


Kanati Trail Hog First Look

To give the Kanati Trail Hog some decent road manners, the engineers employed the use of a variable pitch tread design for smoother highway characteristics and reduced resonance from tire-drone as well as road noise. While reducing road noise is great, handling was not compromised. The Kanait Trail Hog features two layers of jointless spiral wound overlay construction for added stability as well as a larger contact patch.

The Kanati Trail Hog is available in 13 Light Truck sizes in 16 – 20-inch wheels.

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